2018. National Science Foundation (GRFP). Awarded to DRV. Diversification of the neural substrate of navigation in primates.

2018. National Science Foundation (DEB) ($418,414). JBS co-PI (PI Alan H. Turner). Ecomorphological diversification and the origin of phenotypic disparity in crocodile-line archosaurs.

2017. Fulbright Graduate Degree Award. Awarded to NW.

2015. Wenner Gren Foundation ($6,750). JBS PI. The neural underpinnings of great ape and human distinctness.

2015. Wenner Gren Foundation ($19,510). JBS Collaborator (PI Ashley Hammond). The hominid pelvis: Testing alternative evolutionary hypotheses for the Pan-hominin LCA pelvis shape.

2014. Leakey Foundation ($6,593). JBS Co-PI (PI Gabrielle Russo). Elucidating the evolutionary pathway of hominin basicranial morphology.

2010. Natural Environment Research Council (UK) (£392,713). JBS Principal Research Associate (PIs Christophe Soligo and Anjali Goswami). Morphological clocks – Quantifying module- and lineage-specific variation in rates of morphological evolution in the primate skull.