Evomap is an R package that contains several functions for investigating macroevolutionary patterns on trees. These functions are based on previous work done in the lab.

‘mvBM’ estimates variable rates and infers ancestral states using a multiple variance Brownian motion approach (Smaers et al., 2016; Smaers & Mongle, 2017). See example case study here.

‘gls.ancova’ performs the least-squares solution of phylogenetic analysis of covariance described in Smaers & Rohlf (2016). See example case studies here.

‘’ and ‘gls.pi’ allow computing the confidence and prediction intervals of the phylogenetic regression (‘pGLS’), also described in Smaers & Rohlf (2016). See example case study here.

Evomap is currently not archived on CRAN, but can be downloaded from github:

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